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“Music is a mother and a sculptress for me. The shape we share is the same. Is the sea where I like to dive.”

I was born in 1990 and my real name, the one in the ID is Alicia García Garcés. I carry a violin under my arm snce I was 5 years old. First I went to the Joaquín Turina music school, then in the Royal conservatoire of Madrid and I finished my Violin Bachellor Degree in the Conservatory of Music "Andrés de Vandelvira", Jaén.

I compose and I sing since I have memories. As a teen, both activities were an intense exercice to survive the intensity of the conservatory discipline. This was the way I learned to combine those fields and therefore , understand, create and love the music and its intricacies. Thats how ALICIA NURHO developed as a concept and as an artist.

At the same time I combined conservatorie studies with Music Education College and I graduate with honours in the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid", obtaining the Extraordinary Award.

Alicia Nurho project was born in 2013. I played in "el Buho Real", "la Sala Moroder", "Fulanita de Tal", "El Rincón del Arte Nuevo", "La Sala Fax", "El Juglar", "La Sala Siroco", "La Urbe del Kas", "La Sala Clamores", "El Teatro Infanta Isabel" (where I presented my first EP "Offals" in 2016) and Mr. Beerys, in Nueva York, among others. Among some fest , I played in 2019 in "Jardines del Botánico" opening for Judith Owen and Michael Bolton.

I presented my composing “Under The Light” in 2016 for spanish Eurocasting - Eurovisión 2016-2017. It was preselected and almost went to the final.  In December  2017,  I adapt my music to the FEKAT CIRCUS”  (ethiopian circus) show "En busca de la Navidad", produced by “CREATIVIDAD SOLIDARIA”  . The result was an emotive show represented in 22  sold-out recitals in "Centro Cultural Conde Duque" , in Madrid. 



I call my music style “Clasindependent Dark Fusion”, which is a "Frankenstein genere” where the organic sounds and the clasical instrument tones are fused with contemporánean elements. In short words, we can say it's an alternative music where different styles, such as classic music, world music, pop, rock, metal , toguether.

I prefer you listen to it rather than keep writing: